Realmeye Updated Exaltations


I noticed today the the Exaltations on Realmeye have been updated, which is a nice thing for sure, but unfortunately the update has moved many players (myself included) out of their original exalting spot.

Anyone know why this would be? Or why they would be inaccurate now?

(I am talking about fully exalting a single class)


What do you mean with “Original Exaling Spot”?

If you’re trying to say that you’re not the same rank on the leaderboard of exaltations anymore, that’s obviously because there’s a lot of other people that got exaltations during the time RealmEye wasn’t tracking them.


What does that have to do with anything? I dont see the relevance in what you’ve said

I am talking about classes specifically. Not overall exaltations.


My boy Denski coming in 10th with 0 lost halls, void , O3 exalts xD

TBF you’re post can come off as misleading.

@Fincy He means people with fully maxed characters dropped in rank in favour of other fully maxed characters that got there after.


my guess would be that people that maxed while it was down got catapulted to the top when it went back up but I have nothing to back that up


yeah, i added the edit at the bottom. I saw I didnt clarify as far as talking about an exalted char. I still dont understand why chars that were exalted and counted before realmeye went down long ago would be moved out of position when it finally went back up. Really strange