Remove GMs from exaltations list


GMs have clogged most of the exaltation top lists with their characters. For example rogue, archer and so much more.


Excuse me for asking, but what is a GM in this context?


Deca employees, specifically their work accounts.


That makes sense


yeah that seems strange. unless they did that on their own time, then that would be different. for me atleast.


You are a hero. I am currently at 32 on Archer and was very upset to see that a Deca GM “exalted” their Archer. Kinda sickening, really.


yeah kinda feels like abuse of power to be the best TBH, it’s fine with gear but can’t say it’s a good look when they do it for something that is ranked.


Seeing as realmeye isn’t official, I kinda feel like the thought hadn’t crossed the mind of the Deca employees and they meant nothing of it, you know?


game manager?


I’m sure they didn’t still should be changed though



They’re probably testing if exaltation works on live, don’t take it too seriously I just ignore them on the leader board.


For real. People are taking this too seriously.

Like, for UT forge the value of the items were determined by the developers on how the stats looked to them and overall usefulness. Meaning they don’t play the game.

Realmeye isn’t an official part of the game either, so they don’t even have to oblige.


Counterpoint: testers also had some level of involvement with the system (albeit not very much). Additionally, both Toastrz and Kiddforce still play the game on “normal” accounts quite frequently, from what I’ve observed.


The ones listed I doubt worked on UT forge to the extent of the values.