Ritual or Star Mother on priest


I didn’t realize how similar Ritual Robe and Star Mother are until a couple minutes ago. I’ve been farming Ritual for my priest, but I just got Star Mother and I’m really not sure which one is better. I feel like surprisingly Star Mother prevails. When using Star Mother over Ritual you lose 8 wis but gain 3 def and 15 mp. Which one would you use on priest? Maybe neither and you prefer a different robe?


I would go for the star mother. 8 wis increase the heal of most tomes by <15hp which is just bad.

Soulless or anointed also should also be good

  • Star Mother
  • Ritual Robe
  • Other

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Star Mom’s the better option for a more balanced playstyle.

If Tomes ever get a more substantial increase-per-wis, then Ritual might beecome a more interesting option (especially with IC/OoC)


I’d only use ritual with sorc or with a cult set necro, the extra wis isn’t ever really worth the hit to the other stats you’d get from other robes.


If you vote other please reply and specify which robe. I’d love to know!


What is IC and OoC?


It is an upcoming mechanism to balance gameplay.

If you get hit that deals 15 or more damage, your pet ability cooldown increases by 3 seconds. In Combat mode will last 7 seconds.

OoC means after that 7 seconds, your pet’s abilities cooldown returns to normal.


Aside from Sakura’s short explanation, you can read the full post here, since there’s a LOT of additional changes tied to various aspects of it.
iirc they’ll likely bee releasing it in parts - so there’ll bee seperate updates for the actual system and, say, the DPS changes.


I’d say use Ritual unless you have a Sorcerer with the Scepter of Devastation. You’d be better off using the star on other classes because ritual (and wismod) is basically useless on staff classes.


I’d just run star mother personally theyre both really good though


I voted ‘other’:

If you are worried you might die even despite priest’s ability, I’d choose Soulless for the +60HP. :heart:
If you are annoyed at priest being slow or speedy with no inbetween, I choose Water Robe for the +6SPD. :running_man:
If you feel you are INVINCIBLE on the heal machine known as priest, choose Alien Matrix for the 7% fame. :sunglasses:

Perhaps if you want even more heals there’s a case to use Ritual, but because it has more direct effect on sorcerer/necro/mystic I’d save it for one of those. Probably that is a pet-dependent decision, because I feel like I never run out of MP on priest for how much I need to heal (90/90 pet). Maybe if going Prot-bananas Ritual can be a good pairing to help Prot? I don’t play like that on priest though so can’t comment.

StarMo is certainly fine as an all-round robe, and I would happily use it in most situations. You’re right they’re quite similar aren’t they. Of course what ring you choose affects it too; it’s always good to combine the stats and view the robe+ring as an ensemble.


Tlatoani’s shroud, for that insane mp boost and juicy 10 WIS increase, in exchange for fragility. But that’s not a problem for priest, isn’t it? Now I would have an actual reason to be afraid of things as priests, instead of only watching out for shotguns. In fact, because of that high survivability I get too much confident about it and thats when I die.