Rotmg br server [Discord]


Nesse servidor nós fazemos sorteios, jogamos em call, fazemos dungeons organizadas, o servidor do discord é muito organizado etc.

In this server we make lotteries, we call, we organize organized dungeons, the server of discord is very organized, etc.


Wow people play the game in Brazil


Google “rotmg server locations”, and you’ll come across an ancient thread on r/RotMG that showed that USS2 and USS3 were (at the time) located in Brazil. Granted, Amazon Web Services might have shuffled them around a bit since then, but still…

[And you mean you’ve never been on USS3 and encountered people speaking Portuguese?   OB]


I seriously thought this was a post for rotmg battle royale (br) server @OtherBill


No I’ve seen people speak
Spanish before


I thought this was going to be about making a rotmg battle royale


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