RotMG Economy - Why?


Vit /Wis is somehow valuable… Why?


Prolly because no body is spamming UDL/Abbies. But RN, there is Lib event going on, that may render them cheaper for some period of time.


TBH I think its likely due to the popularity of grinding endgame dungeons, specifically the introduction of O3. It’s not necessarily that stat pots such as vit/wis/dex/spd becoming valuable due to like low/rare dop rates.

I see many end game players have an overabundance of GLife due to O3 and LH, and rather than grind lesser dungeons for low payout, they would rather keep grinding endgame for good drops. They buy these stat pots for cheap because the more they try to barter/haggle prices, the less time they have to run endgame dungeons.

At least this is my speculation. As someone who runs endgame but is also an avid trader, it definitely feels like you have an abundance of life, but lack of other pots. When I do trade misc pots, most of my customers tend to be endgame players.


I second that; that has been my observation as well. And as more end-game content is introduced to be distracted with (and now with the further exaltation grinding process), that is seen more and more.


They should buff glands pot drops so 4 people get guarantied pots, make oryx/thic/encore drop more pots and make natural goods have higher pot drop rates


With more brevity: people are too lazy to go out of their way to actually do any content other than endgame dungeons, and thus would rather pay goods than time to get potions they normally don’t get.


Well, they do have reason for wanting to do endgame dungeons. The loot from lost halls is a whole lot better than snake pit loot. But, one underrated thing that most people don’t consider about farming dungeons in realms is that event gods will often spawn, giving them chances at those illustrious event whites.


Relative to what? There are a couple of reasons I can think there’s a premium on them. One is the relative difficulty of getting them – other rainbow pots you can pick up from running around godlands, while looking for dungeons/waiting for a call. except DEX which drops from a frequent and quick dungeon.

And recent changes have made them more important. VIT of course is key to Vital Combat, but WIS also became more important with its 2x boost and IC nerfing MP healing too. Plus wismod has slowly been growing.


The GLand dungeons or the gods themselves?

I noticed that too. A good amount of endgame raiders are lazy as hell. I remember one time when someone (that dude got Exalted Wizard) was advertising “OP for Wis”, I ranted that “Dude, spam UDL, it’s not that difficult.” He be like “No. I don’t want to.”

For me when I need to max Wis on a 30+ Wis needed class, it took me less than a day.


Definitely the dungeons, would be wayyyy too easy to max if killing a god gave you a guaranteed pot


if it gets your richer and it’s quicker…


also wis and vit are still considered shit by the large majority, it’s just you need to 8/8 for exalts


I play the game because I enjoy it, if I find a part of it that I don’t enjoy I avoid doing it. This includes doing hundreds of udls.

Although I do often grind events even though I don’t enjoy it much, I just wanted the st skull ;-; not 3 other sts and a bunch of whites


It’s 100 percent because it’s arguably much more efficient to farm endgame than to run other dungeons such as those that give wis or vit. In a not terrible group O3 maybe takes 20 minutes? 2-3 Glife and Gmana ish for that time and those can be quick sold for tons of other pots. O3 also has other desirable loot so you’re “maxing” while also farming for items you want. Bartering for better prices also is a significant waste of time if 20 minutes = 2-3 glife and your savings from 20 minutes is any less than that which it usually is. Combined with the new accessibility to runs through shield runes not being the rarest thing to ever exist farming O3 also isn’t rare. Just my 2 cents.


That’s almost everyone who plays this very game RN.

For me though, spamming UDLs is a good and bad thing for me. It is tedious and boring yes. But at least there is high chance of getting more than 1 Wis within 1 UDL and… a decent chance for me to get another DBow that I will never have too many of it.


dbow bad for the endgame player. people that run o3 a lot are endgame players.


Well to them, but not me.


im just explaining the reasoning behind why they don’t want to do udl


That’s just looking at it straight up from an economic viewpoint too. If you also consider that running O3s is a hell of a lot more fun than farming UDLs or bartering, then it makes even more sense why end game players don’t bother farming their own wis.


Good point. I agree with this too(at least it’s like that for me). O3 just seems like a better deal in general(again subjective).


But then those players gets lazy. I don’t like the farming process myself, but I gonna do it if no is going for it.