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"RotMG - Lost into the Void."
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2nd Version.


It’s always baffled me how you can somehow make an already amazing piece back in 2018, look even better than before. Like damn, epic work as always~


Alway challenge me everytime when I try to improve or remake them be better than before.
in the part of design characters, it’s took like 1-2 days to design them to make them look good in sight of people, that can convey emotions and details that are suitable for the characters And some lore as well.

I have to admit that by drawing various tasks for RotMG games, it gave me a really good new vision of things.
And of course, I have always liked to spoiled my work. To make sure this is satisfactory for everyone or not. And if something goes wrong, I tend to bring these feedback to fix and develop them be better in future.

Although these things I have done are going to take a lot of time and I certainly don’t get any money from them at all. But the fact that my work can bring joy and inspiration to everyone in the community. It’s enough for me now.

Even I can’t really tell the reason why I have to put so much effort into making my artwork to RotMG.
and only answer I can give is “happiness”.


Woah, that’s a really epic mindset I think most would agree on… I love it though, taking the time to create these epic pieces for all of us that always exceed our expectations and constantly trying to improve to bring joy and inspiration. All I can say is, you’ve definitely brought a whole ton of joy and motivation to us haha, keep it up as always! Glad to know you’re doing these pieces out of passion and happiness as well Moddy_-w-%20small


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