RotMG Trading Discord Server


Hey everyone, I have decided to found an official RotMG trading server and would like to invite YOU to be a part of it. The way my server works is you can post screenshots of your inventory and people can make offers on items that are tradable within it and you can then decide if you’d like to sell or buy from them. I also have the ability to auction items off and we have giveaways as well. Please support my dream of making trading relevant again!

Here is the link:


We have gotten a couple new members, we still would like to populate this server so that trades can begin!


Still looking for new members, specifically to help improve the process of selling tiered enchanted items!


How much is a colo shield + 5% defense worth?


Nice to see a revival of rotmg trading discords. Lets see how it plays out.




So I joined and I have one concern which leads me to think that this server will fail like the previous attempt at this.

Right now there is nothing outside of the enchantments to set it apart from realmeye. Which lets be honest, not too many people care enough about to join another discord when they have trading channels in every single rotmg discord already.

In my eyes, if the server is to succeed, it should have a bare minimum of automation like the original trading discord had (craigs list: ). Especially for auctions I feel that would make sense, depending on how you plan on even running those.


Also currently a lack of verification as well as permissions set on the discord.
Scaling up with these conditions will lead to problems.


Hey there! enchanted items are difficult to sell for more than the regular unenchanted item, however if you find the right buyer you can get a decent bit more for the item than if you don’t. I personally believe the t6 shield with def% to be one of the better enchants on shields and I think if you find the right buyer should be able to get around 10 gl or more.


Hey DeathDaddy, I am assuming you are the same person who has been pointing out things like this in the server. I am working on fixing these things so that the server can be the best it can be (":


Besides the lack of knowledge I have on previous trades servers, I am active and online in game daily so this server should keep improving so long as I keep receiving input from players like you!


I have set up a manual verification system until we have a better one in place.


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