RotMG Video Collage 1


I got bored so I put together a short video using my video clips on PPEs and tutorials.

Click here for the video!

The video may not work. Let me know if this is the case.

TheFatRat - Stronger


Why are comments disabled?


Criticism backlash perhaps? Should leave em open to see if anyone has suggestions for improvement.

Video is pretty good, clips sync with the music farily well. Just some clips you had on hand sure but still a nice little tibit to watch.


Oop, that wasn’t intended. I uploaded on to YouTube using iMovie, not directly, so some of the option may have been default like that. I’ll change it, don’t worry. Thank you for the notice!

EDIT: The video is selected as “Made For Kids”, and comments are disabled for that category. The new COPPA thing, probably. If there’s any feedback, just put them here.

Also sorry that the sync with the music is slightly off. There must have been some changes on that as I was editing. I realized this just now as I watched the video.


just stick a swear word in the intro or something


I was actually thinking just that – just slap a “shit” on every video. Too lazy to go back now, though.


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