Scammer who refused to do the 2nd part of the trade [REDACTED]


Hey !

Just want to expose a scammer on realmeye,

Here’s some proof of the offer and his message after the first trade, the correct way to do the trade shoudl to put 50% of the trade for 1 deca and then the 2 deca after it but he refused to put the end of the first trade but he refused and said that we stop here, didnt wan to do the trade back and start to argue like he is someone on trusted on realmeye xD, take care if you trade with him, can appreciate the report as scammer if you doing it too !!



“I’m literally the most trusted merchant in rotmg”

buyer wants to back out of trade

“give me the deca back”


I approved the post so I could let you know the forums is not the place to report scammers. Usually we’d say to go to realmeye and mark them as a scammer but you’ve already done that.


Thanks a lot, i understand the statement, hope that scammer gonna be sooon taged and stop scamming people around.

I understand and gonna try to be more carefull for my future trades !


A bit unrelated but you forgot to censor their username with the “___ not found” messages, even though you censored their username in the actual private messages.

[Thanks for catching that, fixed - Shatter]


Yeah sorry, at the begining i didn’t even censor anything, Shatter do it for me because i didn’t knew that you had to do it, clearly my bad on that


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