Shatter Rework coming June 6th?!


…Or, at least that is what I gather from the recent video posted on the RotMG YouTube channel:

I’m hoping the dungeon is completely different and just takes major hints from the three bosses as far as attack patterns go. Also hoping for a slight bracer buff, a gem buff/rework, and about 50x drop rates of stat potions.
What do you hope to see?


Possible June 2021 MotMG?


This 2D art looks sooooo much better than the 3D characters they have inherited from kabam. I might be a sucker for medieval-art, but hopefully they make this the artstyle in all future promotial work (altough unlikely), and slowly replace the 3D stuff.


MotMG this early? That seems odd. If that’s true, perhaps it’s to make up for the other late ones, or possibly that they have other big plans for down the road… :eyes:


june 6th 2030


ah yes. by then ill be ready with my “GATDIIGIOCPE” or “Got all droppable items in game in one character player experience”


I doubt it. Any MotMG comes with a grand calendar with a vault chest and/or character slot, and June doesn’t have either.

Plus, it’s on the 6th, which is a Sunday, whereas typical release days are on Wednesdays. Would bee pretty silly to release such a big update on a weekend of all days.


my guess is theyre going to do a big announcment on the 6th, and this is just to hype it up. Kinda like the 2nd reconstruction motng trailer where they showed and explained a buncha things.


Golden Dagger Weekend flashbacks