Short 'n Sweet T6 abilities giveaway [Finished]


I also live in GMT-8, maybe around noon today? (8 pm for you)


@Fdghrdzxfd, @Chennitoa, @Laserquest: I still have your rewards! When is a good time for any of you to contact me?


are you on now?


I am now! …Sort of.


getting on now
your not on


Um I guess 9:00 PM GMT on weekends


I get on around 12am GMT time


Also around 8pm GMT time on tuesdays and thursdays


@Chennitoa, @Fdghrdzxfd, @Laserquest: I think the best way to get into direct contact right now would be via Discord.
Can you all add me? If I’m online, send me a message! Seelpit#1599



I’ll be in USE nexus. idek what the item is.


Dat one.



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