Showcasing Realm Rework Bosses


I’ve been giving Deca a hand in making the new realm rework encounters! Here’s a video showcasing a few of them.


They look great - really fitting into Realm while adding a lot in terms of gameplay. They look pretty hard though; trickier e.g. than the Sentry or Miner, with far more shots and nowhere especially safe to stand during particular phases as those and other current events have. I.e. they don’t look mid-game to me.


One of the primary focuses when I designed the new encounters was to bolster the skill of mid level players to prepare them for lategame and endgame. In some cases, the bullet density of the patterns is a step up from other bosses in the realm but the damage is also lower.

The projectile speed of these new bosses are also comparatively much slower than most current event bosses which gives players ample time to react. The goal is to encourage players to master their dodging in a relatively safe and risk free environment where they won’t be penalised for nexusing as they can immediately return to the realm.


The fights look so fun! Really hyped for the prospect of end-game designed realms.

I also love the Calamity Mod influence of Calbrik’s sprites. Looks like the God Slayer Set or the scrapped Visage.


This is exactly the type of gameplay I was hoping would be added–teaching newer players micrododging early is a great call. This looks great so far.

Can you say anything about potential changes to how realms are closed/how events spawn?


ty so much very excited to finally fight calbrek after all the trash talk


It’s actually not the first time someone has pointed out the similarities in my work with terraria’s calamity mod haha. But I’ve actually never played the mod before so they are pure coincidences.


The new realms close by just killing any enemy, not just quest monsters! This means if players are struggling on a particular quest they can just choose to ignore it and still close the realm, giving players more agency in what they want to do. Ofc the amount of points contributing to closing the realm will vary depending on the strength of the enemy killed.

I think events will spawn by killing any enemy as well, but don’t quote me on this one.


That is going to be annoying if the quest people are struggling on is one they want to complete. Right now there are a handful of quests Realm closing doesn’t wait for. Shrine due to the weird way it activates, Crystal as it’s hidden so can’t delay a Realm closing, Avatar which was made non-blocking when it often prevented Realms from closing. Sentry which was non-blocking from the start, when it too was seen as hard and so optional. There are a few seasonal ones too but those are the main ones.

Everything else needs defeating to close the Realm. The benefit of that is players know that they will be able to complete a quest and get its rewards, do its dungeon. This includes not just spawned quests but things like Ents + Liches which people wait until the Realm is mostly done before farming.

I guess my point is it needs to be balanced. Whatever is worth doing in Realm needs time to do. It can’t be so a crowd can steamroller everything and close the Realm in 20 minutes or less. It’s “Realm of the Mad God” for a reason.


pretty sure deca already told us about how they changing that i belive they said from killing events to close a realm it will be just killing anything in a realm and instead of say 30 rem should be a bar there harder enemies will give more and all that