So about the pet leveling


If i fuse my 70 Heal 63 MH with other 70 Heal 63 MH to get a legendary, does the max level of Magic Heal gets limited by not maxing it? or ill just get less levels at the moment of getting my legendary pet and I can just spend more feed on getting it to level 90. Also what option would you recommend me?


The max level for all three abilities on your soon-to-be legendary pet will be the same, and are dictated only by the levels of the first ability in each of the two pets you are fusing. In this case, your legendary pet, if you made it with the two 70/63 pets, would have a level cap of 90/90/90. It’s only the initial level for the second ability that will be lower.

As such, it doesn’t matter too much in the long-term whether you fuse now or wait until both pets are 70/70, but here is an awesome resource to help you decide:


Yes, but game is bugged and probably if you’ll fuse 2 leggies into divine and the 2nd abilities won’t be maxed. Same as GHZD pet :slight_smile:


If you fuse two Legendaries both with, say, level 90 Heal as their first ability, and level 87 MHeal as their second ability, then the resulting Divine pet will have a level cap of 100, and it’ll have level 90 Heal and level 87 MHeal right after the fusion…since that’s the average of two times 90 and two times 87, respectively.


Nope :wink: , GHZD was thinking like you and his pet cap is 100/99/???


It’s been ages since I watched that video but pretty sure it was just a visual bug.

Re says he’s 100/100 so /shrug




Not only does it say on his Realmeye (as previously pointed out) that his pet is currently 100/100/x, but he made a video about himself getting it to that point:


So it was a bug ???


Yes. Just a visual one.