So is DECA doing anything about the realm?


I don’t even remember the last time they have mentioned it, I did skip a couple of posts on their blog but I don’t think they would put any info about something so important in an event update.

Remember Elder Realms? That was more than 2 years ago. I won’t talk about how insane that guy is, huge respect for him. Let’s talk about DECA, what did they do these past 6 years?

Fantastic job on the modern client. I don’t think you need designers for that really, no?
Amazing job on the dungeons. QoL improvements, general rebalances and gameplay changes that are still coming out.

I don’t have any problems with how they are smoothing out this egg. I’m honest when I say this. This egg is really, and I mean reaaaallyy shiny. When will you heat it up so it can hatch?

The gameplay loop consists of:

Make a new character and run out into the realm to level up

Run dungeons you find in the realm with other players.

Once potted up and geared up join a discord so you can run better dungeons for better gear.

Die and repeat.

Is that it? I think so. It’s very simplified but it is basically that. Dont get me wrong, it holds up quite nicely if you know what you’re doing but you still haven’t experienced everything. Im talking about finishing the hardest dungeons, solo some of them or rush most of them. You get the point?

You’re now a veteran. Rushing dungeons like you are just walking down the beach, dodging every single pattern just to collect the loot alone. You played your 1000 hours and you are happy with your playthrough of the game and you can move on to something else. But… you think to yourself. People could have so much more fun if this one thing changed…

The realm

The place where 85 people are circling a single (sometimes 2) spot in the map, mindlessly going from one ent to another just to have someone buff the last lich and waste more of your time.

This is what you will do for most of your journey in this game. I’m saying journey, because dungeons are one time things that you learn and then grind. In realm you can sit on the beach and talk to some random people about how pee is stored in the balls or… run around in a circle…

The realm is empty.

Where are the different biomes with different levels of difficulty that change depending on the time of IN GAME DAY? Where are the rare mobs that will make you shit your pants once you stumble upon it and call the WHOLE REALM “AYO “insert mob name here” IS HERE TPTPTPTPTTTPPTPT”. Where are any interesting versions of parasites, cyclopses, liches and ents? Local chat?

The mmo part of the game boils down to being able to get a heal from a priest with their now useless puri or have a bard increase your range a bit. Oh and don’t forget free pots.

The game will die sooner or later if all that is being added to the game is new “sets”, skins and OH LOOK ANOTHER EVENT!!! RUN THIS DUNGEON NOW FOR a drop of a piece of a reskin t12 weapon with +2vit.
(On the topic of events, make them rarer but more enjoyable and profitable like holy) ekhem.

Don’t get me wrong, a 1000 hours in a game that is free is A LOT. It’s a great game, but it could be better. WAY better. That’s what I want, but I also don’t understand why do you fail to realize that when you add another hour of content to the game it won’t make the game better, it will make it more it more cluttered. I don’t care about a 10th set to a class that instead of giving me 2 vit now gives me 2 att and looks different while also being worse than what I can easily get by spending couple pots.

Start doing something about the old stones that make up the pavement that we walk on every day to your casinos, arcades and villas. My feet are tired and the shoes of others are wearing out. Tell me that soon the new people interested in your arcades will walk on freshly laid bricks under the shade of young trees that you plant. Im tired of having to wear a cap everytime I have to travel on this rocky, smelly path. It’s not worth it.


You mentioned elder realms which good luck I haven’t heard talk since deca took over and even before that when Kabam said they were gonna release them, sad they didn’t (basically a more harder version of the realm which would end up being repeats of what we have currently). Game does need an updating not gonna lie becomes very very easy once all pattern shots are recognized. I feel like a few tweaks such as no shot patterns (just make it all random make the people move), definitely needs map/cosmetic updating (would honestly be cool but takes a lot of man hours to change all that), you mentioned events and making them more rarer (I agree but they need to also make it a reward too because all I’m seeing is easy exalts and easy gear that is rotting in my vault. For instance put some special gear in that said event that only happens on that event kinda of a trophy weapon or something extra that makes it worthy of the event). Biggest problem I see is they release all these updates and push “new content” yea that’s good but with these updates I can see wayyyyy more they should of updated. Just a simple thing I noticed is they released “off-hand” weapons flail, mace, ect… Ect… In which they should of added new realm types that adds those weapons, such as elder realms. (I) Personally with the new releases of the weapons I could at least come up with 8 new class ideas. All those new weapons with little gain did they come with the update (yes it adds new play style but doesn’t change really much). With games this old especially this style yes the game will die out but not totally it’s in what I call a diablo phase. You have your dedicated players who play and keep the game alive but new players do arrive here and there. I feel they need to prioritize what they have instead of focusing on new sure you can add new sets, skins, and same old events but I don’t feel like they realize how much actual potential they have to flip this with what they have currently. Shame but hey I still enjoy it. I can recommend something, if your bored or feeling bored push your skills like I do and solo exalt all your exalts I’ve been doing that and it’s keeping me busy with the game, don’t do discords just you, guildies, or public add some spice (if you already do well I’m sorry). Hope this brings discussions.


it was actually talked about since 2013


Did you do anything other than complain on the internet about it


Without complaining, half of all people’s problems would lie hidden. Without knowing the problem you can not create a solution. Thank you OP for trying to bring some good suggestions to the table.


well the issue is people love to talk about how its so easy but then pull back when they see the amount of sowing you have to do to make a t-shirt.
The dude 3 posts above said something like, with introduction of the new weapon types he couldve came up with a new realm portal that drops those… also 8 new chars, but failed to describe each 8 new chars and how they’re all different from each other…
People talk out they ass too much.


OP needed to take a break from realm and get some sunlight, probably did.
I understand his anger for puri nerf. & its lame c puri was tight.

realms next obstacle is garnering new viewership and adding more end-game content.

It’s in a new innovat-stagnation pickle because 8/8 stats are accounted for exalt-wise, so it’s likely gonna drop fungal cavern off the list or something if a new end-game dungeon does get released… New end game content will give youtubers to post some stuff of, which is free promo, but making the game appear fun is crucial for this seemingly :\ feeling playerbase.
New end-game content satiates that thirst for a little bit; but bringing in a bunch of new players will grow new flowers for years. please consider a 2 month long promotion-push budget wise.


The thing about companies like DECA, and like Kabam, is that they typically work to maintain games rather than push push push development and big content like FFXIV. With Rotmg, it’s most profitable to spend resources to just add items and stuff that can be simply produced, typically to be sold. The thing about Rotmg being free to play means that they’re not going to be getting a super stable amount of funds like a subscription based game would.

Adding hugely meaningful content or stuff that evolves the game requires the company to take large risks, which I feel DECA did with y’know new client and reworking lots of content. But the Devs are at the mercy of the big suits of the company, and if they’re not getting paid to go crazy, they’re not gonna go crazy and put tons of resource and manpower into stuff like Elder Realms. If you consider the fact that Rifts haven’t returned or whatever those alt gameplay servers were called, it’s probable they won’t spend the server resources or development resources to go back to that idea. Maybe. Who knows what the game plan is, though it hinges on whether or not the Devs are gonna have the resources to do so.

If you’re looking to do a lot more, you might just wanna play another game tbh because years and years of maintaining Rotmg is real slow.


It’a not the company really, it’s the game. If RotMG had become much more successful, with 10x or 100x the player base and revenue, then it would see investment in content more like FFXIV. Maybe Kabam would not have sold it then, or another bigger firm would have bought it. Or even DECA might have bought it, but focussed all their efforts on it because it was so successful.

It’s also got little to do with the payment model. Maybe the most profitable game right now is Fortnite, and it’s free to play, as are many more. You could say Fortnite has a hybrid system with battle pass subscriptions, but RotMG has those now. In fact it’s had paid campaigns for a while, on top of the stuff you’ve always been able to buy.

If you don’t like RotMG that’s fine. There are many games out there you can play, some of which are more popular, which can invest more in content and events. But none of them are quite like RotMG.


Being able to literally mitigate status effects from an entire party is incredibly busted, especially when you consider it had 0 cooldown and pretty managable MP cost given the constant level of regen at the time.
Like, how do you design around that? Do you just spam status effect shots as much as possible? Well, players might as well just stack up on more priests then. After all, there was no limit to how many players could be purified at once.
It just doesn’t work. You end up in a frustrating loop of spam more status effects - players stack more priests - spam more status effects that you just can’t keep up with. Even though I’ve never heard Kidd say it, it wouldn’t surprise me if Puri is one of the reasons the Marble Colossus’ pillars are such a mainstay of the fight.

Anyway, there’s…supposedly something going on in terms of Realm reworking. I obviously can’t tell you if there’s highly concrete plans, but there was some discussion about it…a while ago.
Not that I have very high hopes ever since they let basically every community-related designer go. After all, players are just customers to gain money from, not enjoyers of a game they’d like to enjoy playing…


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