So Toastrz and Kiddforce are leaving Deca


Deca announced that @Toastrz and @Kiddforce are both leaving the company. Even before they joined Deca they both were highly active generating new content for RotMG, and their influence and productivity only grew after they were part of the dev team.

With their departure there’s a lot of (justifiable?) skepticism toward what the future may hold for the game. What’s everyone think? Are we doomed, or will Deca and RotMG soldier on unscathed?

Congrats to you both on your accomplishments, and good luck with your future endeavors.

What are your problems with RotMG as of current?
Struggling to get back in it

Thank you Doc, the well wishes really do mean a lot, especially coming from someone I’ve seen and respected in the community pretty much from day 1. You’re as seasoned a veteran as they come, so the kind words are immensely appreciated.

It’s been overwhelmingly bittersweet hearing from so many people in the community today. I really can’t express enough how grateful I am for all the touching comments on Discord, Reddit, and everywhere else. These are memories I’ll keep fondly for the rest of my life, and I hope Kidd and I’s work has been able to return the favor by generating some fun, positive game memories throughout the community.


All I can say is, if the game retains its passionate players, and a few devs that are at least as passionate, the game will be in good standing for a while to come.

There are many of us that have been at Realm now for a while despite the flaws, and even with all the criticism DECA receives warranted or no, I think they’ve accomplished more good than WS or Kabam ever could’ve/would’ve, with more ambitions on the horizon.

Thank you, Kiddforce and Toastrz, for being part of that team, dedicated to bringing life into this delightfully peculiar game! May fair winds and good fortune guide you through the next steps of your life.


Thank you Kidd, Toastrz and Unibro for all your involvement in the game and it’s community. I hope we can see some of the current / newer Deca employees showing Toastrz level of community involvement.

Are you guys still playing?


Can’t speak on Kidd’s behalf, but personally I’ll still be around in the community. Can’t say for sure how much time I’ll actually have to continue playing, but I’m sure I’ll still log in from time to time for guild shenanigans if nothing else. Still gotta see if we can get more than two people to actually beat the Bridge Sentinel, after all.


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