So yea, I finally did it. [ the worst of all ]


Some months ago I finally stopped with realm completely and yesterday I revisited my account / realmeye.
I knew it’s time to say good bye to all of my items and chars :slightly_smiling_face: I hadn’t the best or rarest stuff but it was enought for me^ 2-3 of my chars were alive for 2 years now but now thats all gone.
It felt good on the one side but on the other side I lost over 3k hours of my life…

Dunno but I might come back, when realm has changed to unity or there are less less hackers.

click me for the sad video, k

since I can’t just add the video because I get a message the the video is unable to play, I made a hyperlink


Rip Jugg warr :frowning:


It was just a Jugg tbh. I don’t really care about this Item^ I had 2 or 3 befor but just 1 Oreo or 1 Tablet (:
but yea, for some unlucky people it’s hard to see, I can fully understand that.


F man


pay respect for every single dead char. o7


I mean rotmg is just a game that entertains us, a game to waste time and try to achieve something. Its like a climax and resolution. You’re always on the hunt to resolve the climax and get better and better. Being the best at this game is almost endless, especially with the fame. I guess when you get to some point at life though, you going to move on. Like alot of people say, nothing can last forever and you don’t get the same feeling as you started. I left the game for about a year until now. Today is literally the first day I’ve been back on the forums since May last year. Realm probably longer. Whatever you do with your life, make it something to remember and cherish my dude!


what a nice post, big love - thanks bud o/


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