Sorc vs Necro


Which is better in your opinion


I like necro, it’s maybe because my first necro was my first 8/8 that got my first soulless and my first deca


I currently have a 6/8 sorc and am currently maxing a necro. From personal experience, necro was much easier to play and was the better match for me imo.


Necro is easier and all around better. Sorc is better for specific group role things like in long halls against crusades and shatters rushing. I would say Necro is a beginner character while sorc is a endgame character. Sorc is not more difficult and doesn’t need much skill but only truly blossoms in knowledgeable hands that know how to use its unique ability.


Necro has better crowd control than sorc (skull vs scepter)
Necro has better damage than sorc (staff vs wand)
Necro has better survivability than sorc (skull vs no skull)

In my opinion, necro is vastly stronger than sorc.


My personal opinion is sorc is better, I do a lot of npe’s and the vit stat is very helpful without a pet and sorc’s ability is super useful when you learn to use it


I think you forgot piercing is loads more accessible for Sorc. Additionally, Sorcerer has:

  • Much greater, more reliable Slow
  • Higher damage per target for tiered Scepters
  • Greater effective range

The Skull’s ability to hit an unlimited amount of enemies is nice, but it’s got a relatively small radius, and costs a bunch of MP.
Wands, however, don’t suffer from this problem.

Back on topic, I think Sorcerer is the more offensive of the two, meaning it’s better in situations where defensiveness doesn’t matter toooo much.


Both of my favourite classes, one of which got me my first 8/8. I can list advantages and disadvantages of each:



  • Spread, area damage (due to piercing granted from tiered wands and sceptres).
  • Long range (having one of the longest range weapon types).
  • An easy-to-use ability (only slight aiming is required).
  • A Wisdom modified (WISmod) affected ability (which helps to amplify the damage and add additional targets for it).
  • High-ish damage output (having 75 Maximum Attack and 60 Maximum Dexterity).


  • Non-focused damage (meaning that it isn’t as great at dealing with single, high HP enemies/bosses).
  • Low Base HP at its maximum value (A measly 670).
  • Often can get boring to play as there is only a few ways to play it).



  • With the ability to deal moderate damage whilst healing itself when landed on enemies with a good amoun to HP, the skull (its ability) is fantastic (finding itself to be a mixture of the wizards spellbomb - though more concentrated in the form of an AoE - and a tome).
  • It also has a long range weapon (but instead has the 2nd longest range of tiered weapons).
  • The ability is easy to use (being centred in the cursor).
  • Another Wisdom Modified ability (this time having additional Wisdom increasing the damage and the healing range).
  • High-ish damage output (having 75 Maximum Attack and 60 Maximum Dexterity - funnily enough being the same as the Sorcerer’s).
  • A great heap of HP (A maximum of 1000 when maxed with the use of the Sentient Staff, Bloodsucker Skull, Soulless Robe and Ring of Decades).
  • Great class for soloing dungeons (Range + Damage + Healing is a perfect combination).
  • It’s a fun class to play (multiple playstyles).


  • Again, Low Base HP at its maximum value (A measly 670- though skulls give additional HP, so the value will commonly exceed 700, even when HP rings are not worn).

But back to the main question:

I can’t say which is better, but I can say which one I prefer if the two, and that would be the Sorcerer Necromancer.
For me it’s arguably the best class in the game.

At the end if the day though, play both and decide which you think is better, though take the list of advantages and disadvantages into consideration when deciding which you like playing.


So currently I own a nice 8/8 necro and a mediocre 7/8 sorc. Personally, I see both as quite potentially powerful. It’s just that my necro has esben, st skull, and skull of endless torment while my sorc only has fulmi and t6 scepter.
So, I don’t think you can compare the two. They are incredibly different classes with sorc being considerably better at survival in my opinion while necro has more dps and a nice and powerful ability. The catch with necro is that it’s ability is incredibly expensive so here’s my final decision.
Necro is easy to play and doesn’t require any good UTs but is considerably stronger with a strong pet. Meanwhile, sorc has quite a couple of strong uts, a strong cheap ability, but gets outclassed when pets are stronger.

  • Sorc
  • Necro

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Necro has a healing ability


Point but it is almost worthless as it’s pretty bad and Necro’s usually use a low tier skull or Memori Morin(sorry for the bad spelling I am in A hurry)


I beg to differ. Don’t underestimate that extra 70 Hp from a t6 skull. Combine that with a soulless robe and you’re basically wearing an extra para hp; slap on a UBHP and you’re 20 hp shy from 1000 hp. Feeling rich? Decas will get you 10 points shy
(if you want the last 10 sentient staff but its kinda trash xd)


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