[Spoilers] 3 Oryx Armors and a LOT of small stuff


subject to change

there’s like 3 billion small changes coming, this won’t be all of them

but first the 3 armors.

Tokens dropping from events and equipment to obtain will rotate throughout the year so that within 12 months, players will be able to obtain each part of equipment.

Weapons already exist, Armors will be here soon but are they actually gonna do 15 abilities who knows


Judge’s Robe

The designated members of Oryx’s court are fitted with this honorary robe, symbolizing their status among his legion.

Mad God’s Rage: Gain Berserk for 8 seconds when hit under 300 HP.

Stats: +60 MP, +3 ATT, +11 DEF, +8 WIS

FP: 750

Fame: 5%

The proc has no cooldown and no minimum damage amount, same for the other 2 armors as well.

Squadron Sheating

Oryx’s assassins use this flexible armor to remain agile as they harness the Mad God’s power.

Mad God’s Rage: Gain Berserk for 8 seconds when hit under 300 HP.

Stats: +16 DEF, +5 DEX

FP: 750

Fame: 5%

Aegis Armor

Onyx armor forged for use by Oryx’s famed champions, giving them a sample of Oryx’s furious strength.

Mad God’s Rage: Gain Berserk for 8 seconds when hit under 300 HP.

Stats: +4 ATT, +21 DEF

FP: 750

Fame: 5%

now for the small shit

  • Marble Defender shots will now Armor Pierce. The shots are 150 damage so it’s time to dodge.
  • New Janus and Key of Light/Darkness sprites. also the better purple shots pierce

I’m just gonna steal Maelstorm’s gifs he posted since lazy, meaning there might have been minor changes since then but it looks close enough




The Janus mark is still the same though, let’s hope deca doesn’t forget that.

  • Lots of things get updated hit/death sounds
  • Stone Guardian shots Pierce and do more damage, also the suits of armor give 200 exp now instead of 0 omgg
  • Shaitan gets less HP and more accurate shot sprites with fire and shit (no nerfs, but possible behavior changes)
  • LoD gives more fame (1 -> 4 for the 4 dragons and 1 -> 8 for Ivory)
  • New Epic (wlab, cdepths and ddocks) dungeon portals


  • Sewers gets some “variety” in its tiles



  • Ruthven gets a new shot (very likely new behavior) and the Coffin get more HP
  • Hive (not nest) enemies get nerfed a bit (pog!!)
  • Esben can be frozen wow


  • Tinctures and Effusions for all 8 stats exist now. Effusions are also tradable and drop from purple bags instead of blue. Though, that also means the existing Life/Mana sprites get changed since they’re using the Vit/Wis ones.


  • a new udl enemy exists “Lair Spectral Skeleton”. It has almost as much HP as Septavius so maybe like troom or some shit, or maybe it never gets added


  • Davy Jones is stun immune and his shots Pierce, also some “Sunken Treasure”, possible troom
  • A lot of Cem shit is stasis immune
  • Crystal and mtemple troom are stasis immune crab
  • All 5 guardians of the Crystal Cavern boss gives 2.5 fame now, 2 were different. also the scorpion has a new sprite
  • Puppet Master is a quest now (meaning that I think it won’t be hidden now?), and a Samurai puppet exists now. Deca have said they’ll look into adding other puppets one day, so there’s a chance they’ll get added with the update of minor changes.


please change the sprites i dont wanna go running around with red nipples


What colors do yours have then? :thinking:


Pink I think I’m not sure


Oryx items that are actually consistently well-balanced?

Janus’ keys now look like… keys?

Janus no longer looks like a [REDACTED]?

Mystic trolling is more difficult to do?

Hive might not be completely overpowered for where it drops?

Not bad. Not bad at all.


I think that the change to Marble Defender’s shots to armor-piercing should also have the damage lowered in turn.

Not everyone reads the patch notes, and as much as it’d be preferable for everyone too it is also reasonable for someone to miss it, or even be returning to the game and miss whichever update this gets buried in.
This will likely result in a cheap death/nexus as the player does what they’re used to, after learning so from many previous runs, and gets brutally punished for it, and the sheer amount of damage makes it incredibly difficult to learn and recover right in that moment.

I’d say the current amount of damage + armor-piercing is already far beyond what would be needed to get people to actually dodge during that phase. The damage can be lowered and still require people to dodge to actually make it through the fight. Sure, it’s still likely that someone will still put themselves in a situation where they have to nexus or else die because of being used to how the fight used to be, but at least it will happen less and in general there would be more chance of being able to reasonably recover.


This is true, but DECA also puts a pop-up window in the game with the current relevant announcements. If people won’t read that, it’s hard to make any actual changes to the game that will pose a threat to players.

On a personal note, I do think that having heavy, armor-piercing damage will be a good addition to this part of the dungeon, as it will help the player to actually prepare for the coming boss fights, which are meant to be among the hardest of the game. Ideally, only skilled players should be able to make their way all the way through the hardest dungeon in the game, so a punishing, non-instakill fight that requires a decent amount of technical skill wouldn’t seem out of place. I think 150 damage is a good amount when combined with armor piercing.


the new janus and keys sprites look sickeningly out-of-style for rotmg :nauseated_face:


New keys thicc, Janus less so


I absolutely LOVE the janus retexture!


New armors seem pretty good TBH, allows stuff like Pally to self double buff.

Looks like my Janus resprite + keys finally got in, which is neat.

New epic portals look neat.

New UDL possible troom is neat as well.

Overall: Neat.


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