[Spoilers] Dagger Buffs, MotMG Campaign, Balance Updates, Reconstruction Updates and a lot more


I kinda wanted the more player debuffs to get cooldowns too, guess that’s not happening

Sad time for QoT


Fr. That kinda disappoints me. It’s a very rare item, it should get the respect it deserves


Not to worry…

…it will :3


New Fame bonuses spoiler when?

MotMG 2020 Reconstruction

The one problematic thing due to Mseal’s interaction with it:

It means even with MSeal nerfed, steamroll groups’ defense will stay basically the same as usual, honestly, Group Armored is alot like Group Puri in that it’s so near impossible to balance you’re better off reworking it, yes, i know they said they’ll watch how MSeal reacts to the update before considering to nerf it specifically, but it’s apparent with the addition of another 15 or 18 defense buff to patch up the nerf it will remain just as OP as before. So how about replace Group Armored with something that doesn’t snowball so hard in strength, like very high Max HP?


Well at least this’ll motivate people to use the tiered lutes, right now it’s all concertina. Even though I agree this is problematic, at least the increased number of bards will hinder group DPS compared to pally, as well as being somewhat reliant on people coordinating to reach full potential. Right now, 1 mseal makes dungeons a joke, but you’ll need a few bards to see a noticable differences.


In fairness, even if we take like, minimal-def builds into account - like a leather armor class with only Tenne as def-boosting equipment, or a Samurai/Paladin with Mercy’s Bane - that’s a slight decrease from what was once double def (from 68 / 80 def while Armored to 66 / 75)…oookay, never mind, I expected that decrease to be less.
Then again, it’s a pretty fickle thing to mess with Lutes’ def boost - too big and it becomes overpowered, too little and it becomes underwhelming…


The end of an era. That dude was so scary when I first started playing.


Okay, but it still doesn’t pierce, or do a significant amount of damage to compensate, and I believe Daze is still getting a cooldown. So it’s still a bit meh.


ima be honest, i think this is the one of the more not-so-good change to puri to that they could have done. i think the puri nerf was needed but this change makes it borderline unviable now. i would have been happy with a larger than normal mp cost and a small cooldown, but oh well.

this is kinda underrated, and i like this idea. this well definitely make for more interesting and unique boss fights in the future.


y tho


Consistency. Obsidian dagger’s whole concept better fits on a UT item in all honesty.