Squee's Art Squabble


hello! this is my very first time making an art thread (and also first time making a hopefully “long-lasting” thread on any forum ever) so I don’t exaaaactly know what I’m doing. but what I do know is that I like rotmg, and I like to draw, so I want to put those together! lol!
I mainly look up to craftable and xaklor for guidance/basics on how to run an art forum, so if I’m doing something wrong do let me know! I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time but didn’t have the confidence, time or strength to do it until now so I hope you all enjoy <3

important disclaimer

my creations are very ugly and I will be posting a few times a day or once every few days so if you don’t want to see drawings reminiscent of eggs with faces then please click off asap (apples see articulate pineapples).

heres abri


(idk how often posts are allowed, making a second as a followup to the main one)
what i’ll be posting on my thread are
-gifs, short animations
-occasionally comics
-VERY OCCASIONALLY actually finished and detailed drawings
-and not so occasionally requests!.

at the moment doodle requests are OPEN just to get this thread going! it can be of anything as long as its not nsfw and if it goes with the realmeye community guidelines (if those exist). good luck my dudes i am now going to Sleep


this is objectively false and I don’t want to hear this blasphemy ever again :heart:


this is genuinely the sweetest message i have ever gotten on RE thank you im internally crying how can i pay it forward


The more you draw, the shorter it takes for me to infiltrate this thread as well.
Seelpit the symbiote lmao

  1. fix this image for 30 seconds
  2. try to sleep


This art is so uwu that I would murder whoever talked bad about it


I knew there was a good reason to come back


can i request xaklor doodle


Absolutely fantastic art, as always. Been waiting a long time for such a thread, and I look forward to seeing more of your work! Good job!


!! You made a RotMG art thread !!

Yesss, can’t wait to dose on some Squeekwee clean art ^w^ I’m looking forward to your upcoming pieces! ^-^b


glad to help :flushed:

thank you so much!!! this and everyone else’s responses truly meant the world to me c’:


art time

i actually did all of these a few hours ago but i ate dinner then chilled and watched shows w my mom lol
anyway, straight after @PhantomMod posted their newest art on their thread of their fantastic huntress, i HAD to do this. once i found about her existence i knew i had to make them ultra best friends lmao!!! also, i can explain the leggings… (in the second one)

k well i actually sketched this one before I did the leviathan suit. i already knew her legs looked kinda plain and i didnt know what to add to it, but after i lined the leviathan i was like “hmm. wouldn’t it be cute but goofy if she had galaxy leggings.” so I added it as a character trait/headcanon and moddie i hope youre okay with this x3
ANYWAY, this is how they would fight in the godlands together!

certainly ! rhea included bc :flushed: aside from moddie and sataru you have been my main inspirations. thank you for that! plus i always saw your characters as friends too loll

more insight on the leggings thing cause i have no idea what else to type! im not necessarily “tired” off the huntress dress look thing, i just think for the second image, it would be better to like NOT have a dress. so i just quickly came up on how they’d both look in casual/comfortable fighting wear and um yeah! goodnight folks thank you for standing by. <3 reminder that requests are still open c:


AAAAA I love this so much!! Just their cheery goofy pose and all is adorable >w<

Also yea, that’s a good idea though, galaxy leggings! As someone who’s admired how the sky and space look, I definitely approve of this headcanon, heck, maybe even make it canon cuz it looks awesome~ . w.

I’d say that worked really well actually, always nice to be a little creative and expand on that sprite c:

And of course, I love the other 2 pieces, cute doodles as always <3 I’m glad I could be your inspiration, considering you have been mine for quite some time now too x)


Now this one I gotta hang up on my wall. I don’t want to get all sappy, but it’s good to hear someone has drawn inspiration.

Ok maybe just a little bit.

Even as far back as the Wildshadow forums, I’ve always wanted to see more fan-made adventures and creation, since at that time, Realm was very basic, which gave all the pieces to make your own adventures and stories. Moreover a passion project, that’s why I drew up Rhea the Red Prismed Hipster. Despite its rather crude artstyle, it was to get something out there that wasn’t a big wall of text and hopefully inspire others to weave stories of their own. And even though after 2 companies and about three forum changes, its good to see even just a few original characters and stories come to life.

And I’m sure our characters would be great friends in-universe! Have you not forgotten the night of the bonfire with the Flinstone Vitamin Archer? :wink:


hmmmmmmm… if we’re allowed to request art of other people (fine w/ me btw, love the result), then I want to see @SoloSen 's Hellway and Nyx plz. this one looks like the cleanest reference image if you need it.

incidentally, it appears I have failed to shower that thread with likes. wtf were you thinking past-me? I need to go remedy this


CRIES… thank you so much… i’m so glad you like them!!! <3 ill have more coming soon thanks to the popular demand of two people :wink: also I’m very glad my idea of the galaxy legging were accurate. she just seemed like that type of gal who would have a silly side and tastes c:

first of all, thank you for your first reply. im glad we got joy from this both ways : ) anyway, about gummy flintstone… i am SO glad we still haven’t forgotten about him LMAO
i actually still have that sketch and I found it in my files not too long again. soon I’ll post sketches on the thread but for now i’ll keep up with the recent stuff and doodles :U

yes that’s fine! just note that the result will be of your fault and not mine :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


trying to come up with their expressions was genuinely the most time-consuming part so I just settled with silly ones. grazie signore

less flattering image

old version of which 2 people already saw


oh yeah, it’s happening