Stalking realmeyers


and the stalked becomes the stalker… @wilhuff


Not in the picture; doesn’t count.


Imagine not including the stalked person in the screenshot.


Ye he tries to stalk me like that all the time.



Also, @Ecookied Stalked



Yeah, I’m still an insignificant peon.


Did I get whooshed

Your img is broken


That’s the actual picture he posted. Lol


Yeah I got whoosed fml


Whew that parasite was stressful! I was in AUS server just intending a flying pass to see if every server was the same with no open realms (during the 85/85 bug a couple of days ago) and someone opened a para in the nex, ah that’s nice timing for one of my favourite dungeons, so why not join!
para portal
But not a fun dungeon to do in high lag scenario when the server can send exploder enemies your way, and then someone rushed the second half of it so had no idea if there would be mess invading in from the last room {stressful}. So I waited a bit to teleport into the boss til it looked calm/safe, and all went fine in the fight, got the XP so it was a worthwhile visit to your server. :slight_smile:


technicalities, technicalities


yeah i was lagging too, i noticed you weren’t in the boss room either. i did end up teleporting there and since i was a wizard i just spellbombed the boss from the hallway. this was the same para i got my white in.


@Rex stalked, the usw2 trade messages covered it but the message is in there. (He’s standing next to me)


Imagine using ranger


Interesting, prntscrn doesn’t only screenshot the window like I was told *grumbles


You have to hold the alt key while screenshotting, try it


That is a small game window


I was seeing how small I could play without dying, xd




Fixed it for you.