Stalking realmeyers


@TNSN @AlphaCroc @PiiNeS
Oh baby a triple! Oh yeah!!! Got those bois less than 1 minute before server maintenance.




A new double:
@Spixer @AnxietyX


Wait I’m locked?





@CubeCleric @CubeDeacon stalked


wait aren’t those your alts?


They were still #stalked


dang I saw the stalking thread get a new reply exactly as I got the blue dot by my pfp so I thought a got stalked :frowning:
I wanna get stalked :frowning:
I think the server I play on is usw4 in case someone wants to stalk me






efnui exists


just play on uswest3, sakura will guaranteed stalk you.


I’ll be sure to stop by on my way to my guild’s home server, usmw2.


@PRCSakura not even in USW3


That was before I transferred to another Guild.


@Disisstupi Oops


Ok, sorry @TNSN, I had literally just told you that I don’t really post my stalks on the forums (I know you said you don’t care, at least!), but I discovered @Hyeperion right before I noticed people starting to talk about him. I didn’t have time to screenshot in the nexus, so I did it in the dungeon instead!

I was literally just getting on to claim my reward before I went to bed haha


@Deaughaghh His reaction was “WTF”.


this cannot bee