Stalking realmeyers


@Maddymoon @Disisstupi @Ecookied

I swear, USW3 is OP when it comes to stalking forumers.


No, I’m afraid it doesn’t count. I’m too easy to track now! :upside_down_face:


Does not feel so well…


I’m not in the picture. Doesn’t count


Get yeeted


Oops. <3


I think this doesn’t count unless you saw sakura in the same server as yours, it shows you are shadowmuted so the message would have gone through regardless if he was online or not



They were in the same server, usw3


I was using the restroom to relief myself. Oh well.


This man’s response was “Who are you?”.


bruh I was so confused

you went “you’ll see soon”


he was a bit confused but i think we got the point across haha


And he cannot even write my name correctly…


Lol he tried :joy::joy:


And here I still wait for someone to stalk me…
I spend probably 15 minutes a day in the trading server, and I have PCRSakura locked, so I know that he’s in there for a lot of the time I’m in there too. I feel like everyone just has some secret conspiracy not to stalk me.


I tried to find you in USW4, but no luck yet


I’ve started to play more in USW now, so that might be why



Hey, where’s my elegant Fire Flower Samurai? She no in picture, doesn’t count.