Stalking realmeyers


Tolkien the Inconsistent: hoofs but not dwarfs.


deebomb hand reveal??


found prc in a clipex video, now that I think about it I should have put the clip that this is talking about (classic prc moment of feeding 16 decas) in the screen shot.


They just don’t know PRC like we do xD


That dude accused me duping, like what?!

I hated the current in-game eco really hard and that is one way I protested. Yes IK, 200+ GLives down the drain but I have to do it as a protest. And I had to do it to tackle duping myself (note, I NEVER duped once in my entire Realm career).



(rough estimate if you don’t know exactly) how many glife do you have currently, including alts and the such?


Now… I have 29 GLives and 86 normal Lives.


How the hell it is “classic”???


From your opinions I’ve seen on the forums and the things you do, like selling ubhps for a life, this seems like something you would do


And also: I sold 3 Runes for 1 Life pot.


I just gave away some glifes… what else to do with them when all storage is full?


Start using those spare pots for Exalting your character.


I think it’s safe to assume that if he’s storing them in his vault and now being compelled to give them away, it’s safe to assume that he’s not able to consume any more on his characters either, else he would’ve done so already to begin with. Just saying…


Id be more surprised if you knew how to actually dupe,.
Because I have literally no idea how shit even gets duped, but apparently, it can be.

Even if i knew how to dupe, i wouldn’t, because i have no vault space.


I see PRCSakura all the time.

We duo’d an Abby together and found troom :star_struck:


Eyyyy, me and you were both Paladin when we duo’ed that Abby. ;D


Sell them 1:2 wis/vit/spd
If you are 8/8 in all then try to get some of the good tradeable skins


Kekw I buy Life for 8 Speed/Dex/Wis or 4 Att/Def/Vit.


Why? Surely life pots shouldn’t be worth more than other pots needed for exaltation



This in-game eco is RIP state RN.

Man, even as an 2019 Realmer here, I still remember back when ppl were spamming “Selling Speed for Life pots” at USW2. Now? It’s more of (excluding events) “Selling 1 GLife for 3-5 Wis/Vit” or even as little as 1 rainbow.