Stalking realmeyers


You cant hide from me!


@GammaGamer I knew I’d find you.


:wink: knew id find YOU


I forgot to post me finding @Lily.




@CandyShi @Ecookied Do you guys like post screenshots of my character right after you take them? I enjoy playing before admitting that I stalked half a dozen Forumers. :+1:

Oh, Xaklor was there too? Wow, so many Forumers I never knew existed lmao





hello there!


What do you mean?



for a second i thought that was a jugg drop until i remembered what thread i was reading


Like for me, after taking a screenshot of a Forumer in-game, I usually continue to play Realm for some time before uploading it.




We should just do another reg meetup


U ain’t reg tho. :face_with_monocle:
We should tho.


That reminds me. I’ve been reg for a long time before loosing it, but I’ve never been able to participate in a reg meetup.



oh snap




If it’s not pics of them eating breakfast irl, why even bother?


quotes literally the 2nd post after op
also akldragon doesnt eat breakfast lmao


@Trillum oof