Stalking realmeyers


Like 5-10 mins ago


5-10 mins ago I saw your post to OB and so I said that
I can even scroll up to see it rn
Im also scared to nex now once I nexed you said stalked this happened twice so far


@Marvin Ty for deca!

And @WindowsHDD :wink:


Stalk dump
Next stalk probs next month


Is not tho. It’s a typical client used by many.


why didnt u also stalk @Bud?


A random @Zuzu before I headed out to work :o


Another wild Seelpit in a library


@Four kept running, so i couldn’t have a screenshot of me PM’ing him with the message “get stalked”


Oh I was confused for a second. I was wondering why someone was pming me Get stalked. Also I’m not purple on your screen the hec!


You are now!


I’m pretty sure only people who enter the realm/dungeon before you will be purple. 10/10 not a bug feature.


Yea that seems to be the case did some testing on my alt to figure out why last night.


found @Wilhuff doing a thing


Also @Lily was in that lib, but dont have them in this frame


got @lily in this one


Is it just me (haven’t played in a few weeks), or is there a distinct lack of shadow around those characters?


Its just u. Or maybe disabling draw shadows turned them off.
If ur asking if I hack, the answer is no.




Oh heck I didn’t even notice you


yeah… why should anyone pay attention to a lvl 1 necro in a wlab?