Stars Profile Contest


So due to the recent spookify profile tradition, it got me thinking about how I don’t have one. Thus I decided to do this since i’m to lazy to do my own.

So the contest is whoever can make me the best profile pic.

Perferbly 8-Bit
Must at least somewhat match my name

Thats it:

Choose 1:
Little Red Skin
Legacy Pixe Sword
Legacy ST Spell
Or another item of simmilar value that I will get it for you if u win.

Thanks and Gl

Time Limit: 10 Days


So, you want spooky star-related pic yes ?
Also, should it contain one of your characters ?


OMG STAR!!! lol
wait why didn’t you do a giveaway in the guild discord :frowning: I guess


I’ve tried to recreate hollow prince necro but without dyes
Edit: Slightly more polished version


that looks sick lol


ngl imma just get a picture of your old necro
with the 69 fame and you as the founder of raiddust :wink:
I was scrolling in dms yesterday


idk if this match with your name but meh here it is


Does this count? You can use this as a background image




lmao its a necro
its spooky


No, the only spooky thing here is that blue star with divine pet


It does not have to be spook but it would perferbly be my necro


Wait does that mean the image I put is in the running?


Yes but no


xD ok time to try to sprite



Deca’s favourite ART




not even a kendo stick there