Steam and flash frame rate question


how much better or worse is steam frame rate and lag wise (the dc kind) in comparison to flash player


it really just comes up to your own computer.
both are equally fast compared to the website.
not sure what changes the speed of flash games in your computer, but hardware acceleration can make it real quick, sacrificing some lag at the start of launch


Should be more or less the same.

Pretty sure steam rotmg is just flash rotmg in a fancy window


From what I heard steam is better.


That’s probably the first time anybody’s ever said those words.


To turn on game on steam you need to open steam and steam will open flash
To open game on steam you need to open steam


I have a great frame rate on steam. Wish I could move my flash account there…


Steam uses Adobe AIR; this is a way of packaging Adobe Flash as a standalone app. It’s closer to Flash Projector in some ways but is really fundamentally different from both that and playing in a browser.

It might be better than the browser, but that’s only as browsers today are so poor for playing Flash, as they’ve added layers of security and sandboxing which inevitably affect performance.