I will return…


Road to level 20

The grind begins!


Speed and Dex

Fire dagger and rock, not bad

10 sprite worlds

Dex maxed

10 Snake pits

Was hoping for the dagger but i'll take this after only 8 rainbow roads

17 snake pits and i would say this is an upgrade for sure

Speed maxed

Oh man, this is awesome and only after 8 UDL's !


Epic drops

Sorry i was too excited for one of the drops in here so i couldn't sleep without posting

After 2 Machine's

Very much excited for this as any healing is useful without a pet. Was after 7 tcaves btw

Here it is ! Only my 5th or so Cube god on this char! :open_mouth::open_mouth:

After 2 Toxic Sewers
Ok i need to improve my screenshot game as i just sat on top of the bag

Am i right to assume Ornate is best to use at this stage or does Roc / Acidic make more sense?


Hmmmm… probably ornate. I would definitely play it safe with that cdirk tho


Speed maxed

Attack maxed



Vit! 6/8

Cool staff!



I ask anyone I see obtain the Mistake Prism now: Are you placing on being trollish in the practiced art of placement, or do you just want to have some nonsensical fun with it?


when i see you using t10 over ripper/dirk it hurts my soul.


every single time the dirk is in view, I just dart towards it. Makes me think “King of luck right here!”


A good question, i would say a bit of both haha but i’m just happy to tick off one of the sought after trix items.


I know what you mean! I guess it’s just because i value playing safe so that extra range makes a bit of a difference and not playing with a pet makes it even more of a priority to keep a distance.

Haha, i just hope i haven’t used it all already :smiley:


Hope you don’t lol


Hey everyone, sorry for not updating this thread regularly

Unfortunately i've been dying a number of times and couldn't really stay alive so goodbye cdirk.

Good news is that i've got another great npe so buckle in and enjoy this run. I've done things slightly different this time where i'm only posting progress after i'm happy i've reached a certain point

The drawback for this is that the run isn't fully realtime but it does help avoid premature progress

Hello World

Cyclops god castles are great places to find good t6-t7 loot and superior rings

I didn't take the first screenshot of the superior ring so i took another when it dropped soon after

Level 20 stats


Potting up and gear upgrade

Double wammy with ability and emmy

2 Snake pits in

After 16 sprite worlds

Now this... is very nice. After only 1 WC


Best ring in game


Double white

3/8, 4/8, 5/8

Was hoping for the cutter but i'll take it (after 4 cursed libs) and the Exa hp

second best ring in the game?



Third chicken leg



Onwards and upwords

2 pieces out of the set now.

Not super rare but i'll post just because it's a UT

The hard earned solo was worth it ! Completed 4 nests before this dropped from t

Hey ! The first class specific UT!


I see someone’s learning!


Honestly, on the trix it makes it so fast getting to events. Almost the fastest setup in my opinion. Only another trix with a pet can really beat me as they can spam the ability.