Stupid realm moments?


My stupidest was when I was typing “popping realm after davy” since ppl were fakecalling dungeons in a davy, only i clicked after typing popping and ended up nexusing

What is the dumbest thing you have ever done in RotMG?

When amulets of resurrection were still around, (and being duped) I got my hands on a couple from an old friend but was still a huge noob at the time.

I sat on a crystal with one because I felt like it, then I was very confused about why I suddenly was in Nexus lol


My stupidest moment was when I decided to give this game a try.


pretty self-explanatory


I have a couple of those…


I tried to quit once.



Omg I was being stupid luckily because of my kong days I close my tab quick enough
Still get scared opening my tab. Its a 50/50 chance its dead or not.


Throwing away UTs because I didn’t have enough vault space.

  • Leaf Dragon Hide Armor
  • Multiple EPs
  • Wand of the Bulwark
  • Staff of Esben
  • Skullish Remains of Esben


suiciding and giving my stuff away.

Probably wouldve spent like 2 weeks playing the game then.


ep is only useful on chests (and you can get sb on a chest with a T0 staff), bulwark is just short of being vanity, esben staff is garbage, and leaf hide’s utility is niche. I wouldn’t feel too bad.


but the fp tho


Whenever I make a new character and forget my pet.


spent my whole fortune buying an ancient stone sword during the ut weekend and for some reason I decided to challenge the autoloot bots with it and ended up losing it. spent the next hour pming the bot begging to get it back, i quit the game for 5 months.


What’s the dumbest thing to every happen to you or the dumbest thing you ever attempted in realm?
6/8 Knight Died from 10 billion Urgles. 54%20PM
8/8 Wizard Died from 10 Crusades. 05%20PM


Deciding to make an account for rotmg.




I was pretty sad after this death, was really avoidable.


Asking what friend he was playing…
Asking if I can join him…
Continuously playing from then on…
Losing any future I had…


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