Support Tickets


So yeah, you’re actually asking for a revive, lol.


not asking for a revive

complains the whole post saying it wasn’t his fault and wants to send a support ticket



No, how do you send a support ticket?






Close your game, death was your fault.

If they give you anything I will be dissapoint


I couldn’t, I tried x’ing out of flash player and it just stayed dark red like you’re trying to hold down Moises on the x button. I was seriously freaking out lmfao


alt + f4 or use what I linked.

Learn the deaths you will have in this game and learn to prevent them. I highly suggest you don’t send a ticket.


Well I with I knew about that last night :fearful:


I’m sorry but that is completely your fault. Net jitter issues are completely user-end issues, and Deca can’t be responsible for your connectivity issues.

You can’t blame Walmart when you get food poisoning because you ate their pork raw.


In my case, my router is right above my pc, and usually when I play with my buds on discord everyone just says wooooooaaaaahhhh laggg because its potato servers being boiled potatoes, not only one persons computer.


Ok, that’s different than the situation implied in the OP. Was it during oryx lag? And yeah, use the “Oh shiet” button Shatter posted above because it is really helpful for situations like this.


Different situation, still the users fault.


Then what are you sending a ticket for?

True, but its your fault that you failed to respond to it. You had fifteen fucking seconds to close the browser or at least crash the game to prevent the inevitable. Instead, you didnt care and now youre trying to ask for a revive

As i said, yes it is because you failed to respond to the lag. You had fifteen whole seconds to do one job. Deal with it.


Wow, ok I guess I was a upid and didn’t think of shutting down my computer, everything I did didn’t respond so I’m still not sure. Indidnt know about the oh shite button that shatter posted so, rip we assassin.


Don’t even bother. DECA support is pretty awful anyways


they’re not awful, they’re just overwhelmed.


No they’re awful. Just look at Bluenoser.


Yeah, but in Bluenoser’s case, it wasn’t all their fault. He was at fault, too.


It wasn’t the pet itself. It’s the way they handled support tickets.