Realmplayers playing survivio discord:

2D fast paced PUBG, 6 minute games, my new addiction.

Post whatever about survivio, let’s get the whole forums addicted.


Solo games going strong for me today


3 in a row solo! And so close to 5 :frowning: the 16 kill one was a new record


describe whats it like

indulge me in the sensory of the game magnificent shatter.


it takes 1 second from clicking the link to being in a game.


its weird.

after searching for agun for like 10 minutes, I had no ammo and ran around until II got destroyed


color boxes = ammo


ok, its getting the hang of it, kinda weird.
but ok.

what is this red zone advancing thing?


Kills you slowly. Wanna duo?


ill give it a try though i hate these kind of games

also when can i destroy uyou in the game


Click the link in my post above yours


but i want to kill you no duo

also it seems automatic weapons are the only route to pursue, much to accurate as well


nty. Im bad at gun games.

me getting a hit on an opponent is an achievement


Random chance when starting a game, if we start at the same time we could make it happen but that takes coordination.


Lemme carry


gives me some prep rounds then ill do it


This might be the best game


getting a hand of it

must get #1



BTW I’ve only shown my stats from today thus far, i’m fully addicted


Shit I feel bad for this guy :frowning: he almost got his 2nd solo win outtof 900 games



how long have you been playing this.