Survival phase guide in a Thicket


Here is a short guide on how to rotate in a thicket which also mentions what you might need to do so, enjoy :wink:

I know this is not the first guide and probably not the first video, but I just felt like putting it out there regardless due to recent events showing me how many people still rely on the way more deadlier safespots.



I know I definitely needed advice in tackling the final phase of the lightning god some time back, so hopefully this'll help some people.


The middle rotation is definitely my favorite. Not so close that you get hit by the other shots, not so far away that lightning targets you, and you can also manage it with classes with low speed, unlike the outside rotation where you need a certain level to keep up with that outer circle.


I know xD
Hope it helped you!


It is definitely the easiest way and also really fun to do.


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