Thankyou deca for killing my characters :D

#1 - 5/8 lost in puppet because of lag - 2/8 Died in glands, Because of lag -_- - 4/8 Died in glands because of what? oh it was lag -_-

Get your shit together Deca.


Lag is hardly Deca’s fault.


I feel bad for you but unfortunately lag is just a problem deca can’t fix easily t


This screenshot can’t prove that your character
Died because of lag



Nice, blame DECA for not having perfect servers with no lag.

Not like there are 50,000 people who complain about it every single day. You need to understand, DECA simply just isn’t able to resolve something this largescale in a short amount of time. Lag is something we’re just going to have to deal with until DECA has the supplies to do so

Also if you know you lag, why do you still play

If anything, lag can be your fault (other people on internet, unstable connection)

Or you just need to be preparred when you start lagging. Generally, if you lag in glands, you won’t be instakilled. That means you can close your browser/whatever-you-play-on


What OP is actually thinking but is too scared to admit:
Im so sad that I died because it was my fault I decided to play when my parents said not too so I started playing and I died so I became salty and starting hating on these forumers. Hmmm how should I make it look like it was ALL DECAS fault and make me look cool. I know! Blame it on LAG! Maybe they won’t know about my potato wifi because no one will expose me. Oh but lets NOT think what it’ll help doing. Because it definitely WON’T clog this forum space with pure cancer, and it will make all other players feel bad for me because I died.



get better internet fam


Maybe you should get your shit together and get better wifi or specs. I don’t have lag at all at I’m stuck at average WiFi speed and 1.8 GHz of RAM and like 2 GB if ram. Or yaknow stop complaining and git gud.


yoooo nice name MrDrCancer


how about you take a look at my graveyard… basically all my deaths are from lag I’m playing on a shitty laptop with shitty internet
stop bitching about death its part of the game


Mmmmmm yummy warrior deaths

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