The Achievement Thread


I’m glad i changed my password.

I have 8 char slots and 7 vault chests. Let’s not derail this thread tho.


I meant when i searched you on realmeye lol


2 year on Realmeye!



“high quality”


Pfft, rules. How stupid. :wink:

I’ve wanted this badge for a while, but reading the guidelines wouldn’t give me the badge until now for some reason.

First to receive it in nearly two months, so that’s interesting. Is no one paying attention to it?


Successfully soloed Manor and Lab for the 1st time.


我的女猎手活了超过24个小时!And she’s 7/8 (missing Vit)


Well, we also don’t get new members very often, so that contributes to it.


Not so much of an Achievement, but it think it fits most in here. Just went on a 8 chain of alien portals by the portals spawning after u finish the current one u are in.


Ecookied be like: ooh lucky rng chain. Time to go to achievement thread!


With that luck you m if he as well have done herm lol


I don’t know if this is an achievement but for me it is cuz it took me 10 fucking crates just to get the cutlass and I’m so happy right now


First Oryx Kill I made:



my second steam game to reach over 1000 hours.


Rotmg is my only steam game over 800 hours.
Yes, I absolutely have more than 780 on war thunder, but a bunch of them I didn’t launch the app through steam, so I’m not entirely sure exactly how many. I am certain that it is over 1k, but less than realm, at 1700


I didn’t even realise`



1k 500 hours. Amateurs !


@Twitchystr @Gotgot


image that’s you (happy account birthday btw)
and that’s meimage