The Achievement Thread


when was that ss taken?


Looks like it was most likely when it was sent, it was sent 20h ago and the profile shows the badge was earned 1d ago.

The Jul’21 and Jul’20 indicate July in 2021 and 2020, not the 21st and 20th


well that was confusing. Makes sense tho.


First 5 star character. and it’s one I used to clown on for years. Funny how that works.


top damage gemsbok im cracked gamer

lost to a cuntress though ffs


Just to note, unless the sniffer has been drastically updated, your own damage is still higher on the sniffer than actuality, so you need someone else to also be running it to see yours.
Well done, though!


i mean its gemsbok if i dont get top idrc its not like i even got anything from that run


first time 6 simultaneous 8/8s


Now get all 18 classes 8/8’s!





been trying to get my white star back since the fame rework and i finally got a rank up after 218 after my last one

had a few 14k fame deaths to slow this one down ><


My duty as the official RotMG NSFW Connoisseur has been fulfilled.


just maxed a ninja to 8/8 now i have 4 characters 8/8


after vowing not to do endgame until i get my white star back, i entered a randomly popped LH in USE and completed my first void :slight_smile:

Kind of stupid in hindsight since I was using my main character and not a throwaway but hey :man_shrugging:


hit 15 k with my priest. so i got 4 classes to 15k (bard, archer, samurai and priest)


6/8 UPE necromancer. Got very lucky in labs at the beginning, with expo and mad robe in the first 2 labs that I did.


10 8/8s! :smiley:


my big goal in the game is finally done, took me about 10 months to finish the last 50 v**ds i needed then i got the few shatters i needed in a couple of days.

working on getting lean crown but ive only got 3 completes so far one 2 were easy mode hardmodes with less hp and damage