The Achievement Thread


My old account now qualifies for veteran skins!


after long time, again, top damage on O2


and once again :slight_smile:



Am I old enough?


Set complete on seasonal. I’ve been playing with 3/4 of the set since I started this char – getting lucky with first three pieces prompted me to make a Knight. Lots of Ice Caves since then hunting for this.

I’d forgotten how good the ring is; it not only almost gives as much HP as Exa HP once you include set bonuses, but adds yet more ATT and SPD and two procs; Berserk on ability use provided you’re using the Battle Axe, and Armoured on shoot if you’re HP drops below 33%. Which doesn’t sound much but is actually activates at just under 320HP with the set + maxed HP, so not unreasonable.


4 t rooms in one Ancient Ruins


I’ve been waiting for this moment for the last 8 years!
All classes 8/8!!!


Now get all of them to 15k alive base fames.


4 t rooms snake


Extremely late to reply, but congratulations! I remember a long time ago when you said that that seemed like a faraway dream. Seeing this now makes me smile : D


Late reply again but tyvm!

Funny that rn I still have one of each char 8/8, but half of the chars in that screenshot have died and been remaxed lmao


20k BF on archer! :smiley: