The Death Thread



wha t





so you tried and survived but died


But really

Here is a real embarrassing huntresse death I had and a example of being distracted loosing a almost 8/8 knight to a hermit


Sad about these two close deaths, especially because I was trying to get my third ever 8/8 on my Paladin…


actually it’s doubt, loath, disgust, disappointment, and hate towards myself but ok here’s me EPing Stheno with a Knight :)))))


[quote=“Seelpit, post:2725, topic:93”]
doubt, loath, disgust, disappointment,
[/quote]my opinion on the EU

I think steno is scarier then Loll
I also decided one to ep a monster and it killed my first 8/8 but it shows I was using my cosmic I might of changed a second before i died

My current wizard is better but I liked that one more


Died by this lil guy…


lol i remember dieting in that void hopped on realm eye …yes you did fail me stacked shots are easily countered by priests…not


hey back when ent sittin was a thing!


That was not ent sitting xD



A rundown of my embarrasing deaths

this explains this one perfectly

this one… I missed a stun on septavius.

this one… I unbound my nexus key for a shats and forgot to re enable it.

Just an overall bad winter break.

see rogue above.

Tried to rush, failed miserably.

Just after I got the new wand :wink:
Some people were triggered that I lost it already.

yeah uh… never doing the oryx horde again.
And the sentry was a complete derp on my part.

no comment.

Bonus non 8/8s?

Armor borken by an urgle
gets rekt by dwarfs

I tried to solo o2 with an ogmur and resu
did not end well for me.


In my first account, from 2013, I had a really good wizard cause of getting an inc. And because of the prices, I sold it for 4 life pots and got good gear. Died as a 4/8 while killing a lost lord. We had about a group of about 30+ ppl. I got a lag spike and it lasted 5+ seconds. once it ended, it showed that I was killed by the lost guardian, the one that inflicted slow. And it was actually my very first character to 4/8.


First new staff death?

rip in pepperoni :<


It isn’t that good without the whole set tbh…


actually thats not the worst death to lab just scroll up til you find mine.
here lemme find it for you

yes thats me and i wasnt paying attention either

now for a death
@mannerss sick doesnt heal when ur priest


Misc deaths at events and things.

@Akteonn in Docks, @Fajit in Tomb, @LLucass at “safe spot”, @Aye in Red, @Skailled Urgled, @TheJoker to RDragon, @PeefyWeefy at Sphinx, @YunoGasai to O2, @Zenusoid at Av.


Great NAE I had. It’s a shame that I underestimated artifacts while soloing Geb. Well, now I know that running speedy straight into an artifact = instant death.
(all the items I’m using were obtained ppe style)


If you nexus at 0 hp u will die


Well that’s one way to lose void blade, ray katana and doku.