The Death Thread


8/8 gets fucking run over and fucking dies


@jimdafish Your second cousin, twice removed…COMPLETELY REMOVED!


He took Sam’s side in an argument one day, and I swore revenge. Oryx makes for a very effective hitman.


@Kloko, @Emil, @XxZedosxX, @Toqtforu Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to see the actual deaths.

@WNxThrawn, @Mattyblue From what I heard, a yellow worm charged through them.




Mattyfatty in hiding? Owo


@Mattyfatty in hiding? Owo


Name checks out.


You don’t know twi… tchystr also I wonder if I can ping myself @twitchystr


I wanna cry…


Don’t worry, even @Wilhuff got slaughtered by this mass murderer.


False. I was killed by the Event boss not a random Soldier bee.

Also, I rose from the grave after 3 days.


My condolences, but surely you wouldn’t mind me using this death to further my goal of nerfing the Red Bees?


Sure, this bee makes me stop wanting to do nest now, the darn thing also killed me before by flying at light speed on me beyond my screen and make me confused and sat on a mini hive.


These two things are what suck about endgame dungeons.

Confuse in itself isn’t as toxic but it really isn’t a good status effect at all in my opinion, even if I’ve learnt confuse controls it still sucks when you combine it with something which requires precise movement. Like, yeah, when movement affecting bullets fly around that are relatively well telegraphed and visible then getting hit is on you. But when they’re literally everywhere it just sucks.

plus the whole instakill thing that many already know and hate, you know the drill, ice spheres, bee charges, and pretty much anything that tries to emit 10 or more bullets at a time directly into your face while charging you. It’s not a healthy design choice.

So uh, yeah, rip your character. Gotta watch for those charges especially combined with Confused.

more stuff I’d gladly complain about but this probably isn’t the place for it.


The red bee is actually not very fast


Once you know what it’s doing, yeah. I’m sure everyone had at least one death to an ice sphere like enemy before they knew what was going on, which isn’t a very good concept in itself. Someone going in blind might not expect the blue bee to jump onto them and then that just results in death or a lucky nexus. This isn’t the case with something like the boss fight since the killer bee queen mostly stays in the middle and even while flying around the room it’s fairly obvious what she’s doing, and even that isn’t exactly sitting on your character firing out god knows how many projectiles at once since her path isn’t directly headed for the center of your character. The problem is telegraphing.

Besides, the problem that I pointed out with the red bee is that even if it’s not very fast, it can keep up with quite a few characters, and that is only really amplified by the extra Confuse effect layered onto that. Without it fighting them wouldn’t be as irritating.


the ice sphere goes at least 5 times faster than the red bee, so this is really not a valid comparision.

Even if you’ve never done it before it gives you enough time for your “this thing is rushing at me, so I’ll back up”-reflex

Getting sat on by blue does only 300-400 damage, so you already had time to nexus

I hate the ice-sphere style stuff too, but this is something different.


You’re right, but I’m not trying to compare ice sphere charges to red bees specifically. It’s the confuse that I’m complaining about. This whole situation is assuming nothing goes wrong, and plenty can go wrong when you don’t expect it, like getting hit by a single confuse projectile which can definitely be enough to fuck you over when there’s a lot of them.