The Death Thread



LOLed when my 3/8 Wizzy has been slain.


[@]Askil Where were you, when As was kil?

[@]ThomasRE and [@]PakiWizard I just dropped to 43 health seconds earlier, seemingly out of nowhere, while fighitng a large Yellow Mushroom. I could’ve very well died o_o

[@]]BoneyMcBon Stuck between two yellow worms.

@MageArcher Failed to get in in time.

@Beastgilly Now I see they only just died. There were a few Medusas there.

[@]Inkaratwo and [@]Qnusser A classic case of “sudden death morel”. Is the Death Morel sudden? Or is it a sudden death through Morel? Who knows! (oh, and @meska, wrong place wrong time)

[@]Purtsipoju and [@]Deudeudeu Didn’t really get how to dance properly.


i was at home eating speed pot

when phone was ring

“Askil died at Level 20, killed by Yellow Leprechaun”



bruh (one of my best chars)
NOte to self: Do not afk at spawn in a massive horde of people like wtf how did i even die
well guess im done with event theresno way im getting like 5 token stacks back

rip only dblade, keychain, rainbow sword, bp, resu, 33 oryx armor stack and I think i had like 2 decas I was planning on muling ._.


Have you ever heard of the structure known as the vault, good sir?


I had no space, which was why I put so much on him~


What did u stand to gain by doing the dungeon if you had no space to put the items?


I had no space in my vault, which is why I put so much gear on him (I normally don’t put more than a character needs)


Also, I was farming Lep skin




Four heros has been slain by Oryx…


@Aeolos Bee-p bee-p!

@CobaltOak Despite knowing how to dance, they were not prepared for…uh…suddenly dying right as Oryx transitioned?

@Zorbo A wimd flour who underestimated the acidic Forax.



Guess who, on this day, the 18th, of March, got a white bag from Malogia and an ST ring from a Lich?

Guess who had some spare keys from the last event and was taking on a Unitaris?

Guess who barely misclicked on his RoTMG window, causing him to freeze on his 7/8 who was LITERALLY TWO MANA POTIONS away from being fully maxed!?

Guess who might never reach 8/8?




My 7/8 huntress has finally been slain by a Medusa.

7/8 gravestone looks better than 8/8 in my opinion. And I lost my Trix and Warrior just to find her grave. Oof.

On the positive side, she earnt 5 stars in the 1st try.

Here are more:

6/8 Rouge was slain by Oryx 2.

Was raiding Lost Hall (happened to find Sebchoof LOL):


Fact: 7/8 grave is the best


By appearance?


rip gatorade man