The Decoy Problem and Status Effect Solution


It wasn’t supposed to take this long, but I’ve finally finished.


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Please leave my trickster alone, teleports are great, and the risks that comes with it is one we accept. (Like anti-rogueing)

10 year trickster player primarily for the teleport function and no problems, also, don’t render Henez’s pro as heck guide to the trickster video useless.


I think the points of the status effects are quite interesting and can be valid. However I don’t think just because tricksters do not do damage or buff other players it does not make it ‘bad’. Realm provides different classes to to provide different playstyles for different players. Similarly, while I don’t claim to know everything about Realm and especially the endgame I don’t think status infliction during the endgame is entirely unusable. The status effect rework look great though! It looks like it can make the gameplay more fun and dynamic for sure


Decoy’s are extremely powerful though, especially if you have coin (no risk of messing up the decoy, just click where you want it). It makes O3 minibosses and Oryx himself considerably less threatening.


Decoy’s are extremely powerful though, especially if you have coin

Decoys are extremely powerful when the player actually presses spacebar, especially if the player has a white from a dungeon that the majority of the playerbase have a zero % chance of even getting into.

I see 0 problems with decoys. Barring dancing swords, brain, and coin, the other prisms actually require specific movements to use, which may or may not cause you to get hit. Even in the case of dancing swords, it lacks a teleport and still requires movement, albeit movement that is much easier. Brain requires you to get in very close and also has no teleport. The only problem here is coin, but coin requires you to 1) get a coin and then 2) have good enough mheal for you to chain decoy. Also coin can’t be deployed in between tiles, which is dogshit. While it is 100% true that coin takes all the skill out of trickster, it is also true that most people overreact when it comes to it [coin]. The coin is a swapout at best, as it lacks a teleport and has a nearly nonexistent decoy time. I’m pretty sure you already know this, so time to move on.

The biggest problem of all, is that not everyone is good enough at trickster to warrant decoys being a problem. In an average osanc raid, if somebody reacts with trickster, there is a 90% chance that they will never decoy anything and only reacted as trickster for early loc.

If you only focus on players that know how to play trickster, of course decoys would seem extremely broken. That goes for everything. if you only observe people who know what they’re doing, in general, the task would seem menial. Have you ever seen a new player try out trickster? If you did, you wouldn’t think that decoys are a problem; there wouldn’t even be any decoys because they would most likely teleport into a group of medusas and die.

And another question for thought, if tricksters are so good, then why aren’t more people playing it? In the case of the average player, the most common reason is that they would rather play another class. Trickster isn’t the easiest class to play, especially when one could easily pick knight or priest. For those who are in the 90th percentile, they are either playing wizard or summoner in the search for “top damage”. The thing is, trickster is not played much–the only people who play it are people who like it, and when you like something, you inevitably get better at it, hence why most long term trickster players are decent at trickster, and also why most trickster players are good because the majority of the trickster playerbase are long term trickster players. In other words, trickster is not good (and by proxy, decoys), until you are good at trickster.