The Elite Dragons (Ever improving!)l


I’d take this over Debt, S P R I N G or spoicy


that’s not too optimal lol - 5-6 in the morning for me


Oh rip. That’s bout 5 at night for me xd


(Ouch)Well, I wouldn’t mind having you, but I don’t want you upsetting your own guildies! :confused:


Yeah… sorry Twitchy. :sweat: Usually that’s when I’m available too. I think we have one outlier that’s a little off center, but most of us are in the American Time Zones so far.


It’s fine, my current guild isn’t nearly as active and I haven’t joined the other options


Lol I left S P R I N G too


Well, if yours isn’t really active, we’ll happily take you and any that want to follow! I’ve snagged a few active members from dying guilds. We’ll all just be a band of misfits, aye? XD


When can you invite me?


I can invite you in the Discord now, but with in-game… oh wait! I have an extra hour. I can quickly hop on and invite you now before I leave home.


yoinking spring members weirdchamp


I didn’t realize Deebomb was in SPRING already! ):




Smh… @GammaGamer you broke it x)


How come lud is already an officer and I am still initiate…


Because I met him this morning. Nobody should be an initiate but XFirewyrmX and Reyalan. I’ll take care of that when I’m home if Gamma or Nameness don’t beat me to it!


Oh I was just joking lol


No, it’s cool. It was the intent of mine to do that anyway!


I thought you were a member. I promoted everyone except Firewyrm and Reyalan to member last night before going to bed. I’m not sure whether you’re referring to Discord roles or actual in-game status.

By the way, about the server link being broken, all of my servers had their links vanish for some reason.


So, this may be a Discord related problem, then.