The Elite Dragons (Ever improving!)l


Still got room for one more? Just got back into the game and would love to join


Yep! We’re still accepting people. I don’t plan on closing doors anytime soon.


Hi Bookwyrm,

I think I sent you a private message a day ago, but I think realmeye messages aren’t used very often. The msg includes some details that may be relevant.




Thank you for mentioning that, because yes, I hardly ever check my Realmeye.


Hi, are you still accepting members. Just got back into the game after like 6 months and everything is new


Yes indeed. We have a couple of returning players to the game!


Hmm… I just thought it would be cool if I put up a list of the people who have joined since a little over a week ago! :slight_smile:
Not everyone who’s in the guild is in the Discord, so compiling it here may offer clarity to aspiring guild-hunters.

Our current ranks are as follows:


  1. XBookwyrmX


  1. Orsome
  2. RogueGamma


  1. LudwiGa
  2. Nameness


  1. AHypeBeast
  2. Alaskanna
  3. Asbi
  5. DBiz
  6. DeeBomb
  7. DgnHypeBst
  8. Fev
  9. FuryBorn
  10. Gotgot
  11. Iironmann
  12. Jetlags
  13. Kirem
  14. KoolaidJay
  15. NinjasHD
  16. OgrendeldO
  17. Rhea
  18. Sutbuttty
  19. TheHimbo
  20. UltraRobot
  21. WaterPower

Initiates (Ignore these. If you join, you become a member):

  1. Reyalan
  2. XFirewyrmX

Special mention to our Guests (Present on the Discord but not in the guild proper):

  1. PiiNes
  2. SkySlurp
  3. Twitchystr

I’ll copy this onto the introductory post as well. Thanks for joining, guys!

Edit: There’s been a couple more added since typing this; I’ll just keep the top up to date. :3


join guild
we are cool
and we have guild art
and guild people
and me


You didn’t have to mention that. Feel like that decreases our chances of finding new members by at least half.


sad but true

nah dbiz u da best (other than me ofc)


No I put that because I feel like I have to say all of our flaws before they decide to join. If we say all of the good things about us, like the fact that you put my guild art up for a day, then the people who join will be mad that they weren’t told that I was in the guild


Better to have them in the first place rather than scaring them off beforehand :smiling_imp:


Time for an update down here, now! Consider me positively impressed. Our guild now has 43 members, many who are active! (I’ve still kept Reyalan and XFirewyrmX for sentimental reasons, but they’re disposable positions, hence my calculation of 43.)

We’ve had a few surprising additions, and plenty of welcome players. Thank you all for joining the ranks!

Our current ranks are as follows, updated 12/3/20:


  1. XBookwyrmX


  1. Orsome
  2. RogueGamma


  1. Furyborn
  2. LudwiGa
  3. Nameness


  1. Asbi
  2. Biche
  3. Campfires
  4. Daabs
  6. DBiz
  7. DeeBomb
  8. Geralndola
  9. GLIZerkus
  10. Gotgot
  11. GrimmChan
  12. Hatzss
  13. Itssdrip
  14. JenBunny
  15. Jetlags
  16. Kirem
  17. KoolaidJay
  18. NinjasHD
  19. OgrendeldO
  20. Rhea
  21. Rubbishh
  22. Schiller
  23. Slappyy
  24. Sutbuttty
  25. SwagSpikes
  26. TheHimbo
  27. Twystd
  28. UltraRobot
  29. Wallfish
  30. WaterPower
  31. ZachXGhost
  32. Zuzu

In-game members (guildies not on the Discord):

  1. Alaskanna
  2. Fev
  3. OopsAlias

Initiates (If you join, you automatically become a member. I am using this to track inactivity, currently):

  1. Iironmann
  2. Kirem
  3. Reyalan
  4. XFirewyrmX

Special mention to our Guests (Present on the Discord but not in the guild proper):

  1. Dunkirk
  2. Maddymoon
  3. Nyangamer
  4. PiiNes
  5. SkySlurp
  6. Twitchystr


We’re testing some Mad God Monopoly™ (which is basically regular Monopoly but with dungeons instead of avenus, wormholes instead of railroads, and stuff like that. Pls join. Guests are welcome to play for future games.


is good guild?

  • yes
  • no (this means yes too)
  • yes but it would be better if you left :frowning_face:

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i voted it would be better if you left assuming it was directed at me


that works too


What is this