The General Chat Thread






wait the farewell thread still exists?


…yeah? I guess its not used as much as some other threads but it’s still there


Yeah, it is still pretty active.




Last may I changed a bunch of stuff irl. The biggest thing was work, which drastically changed my life schedule. I used to have a significant amount of down time at work but no more.

Another factor was thee rise of discord. Logistically it’s not great for me to sit on a voice chat app, which meant that connecting with realm was hard to do as new content came out and I needed to be very present and active to be involved. The old realm goal of drop in/ out quickly and seamlessly was impossible.

Anyway, I’ve always said that when the day comes for me to retire it will be quiet and uneventful. But I still <3 you all.


The forums are going to be burning up in my hands, I’m the only active one.


Uncle stu has officially become grandpa stu now huh…welp, whatever’s going on in your life I hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:


@ecookied you bouta get exposed


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ecookied is gay confirmed


Exposed for fake exposing


This cannot BEE!


boobs bad


I like boobs >:/


Cats are better than all the above.

This post was brought to you by the #catgang


Soloed Deoxys in Pokemon GO.

Main selling point of the video is the soundtrack.


I just started playing pokemon go this month (~2 weeks ago) and apperantly the only thing I’m good at is finding shinies.



I’ll give you this…Shiny Spoink for it!