The (hopefully) greatest wizard ppe to come


Hello. Today I decided to start a wizard ppe. Right now I’m not planning on putting screenshots, but rather I’m just going to tell y’all what I have so far. If it gets far (like 8/8 or if I get a really good white), then I might send some screenshots. Day 1 of the ppe ended yesterday, and I started with a lot of pots left to go and t6/t0/t9/t3 ring. I’ll keep y’all updated on if this one gets far. I recorded one really good ppe a while back, but I had no idea how to edit so it became outdated before I got to editing. I still have the footage, but I don’t know if I want to try and finish editing or not. For now though, I’ll keep y’all updated hopefully on the daily, but we will see. Should have a new post later tonight on how I’m doing.


good luck mate, I think this wizzy will be good


Well now I finally managed to get my main account back online, and the ppe was on my main account to begin with. Now back to day 2.
Day 2: Today was not really too interesting. Just really farming for pots. However, I got one of the hardest things to get starting out (in my experience it is at least), and that is a t5 spell. I feel really lucky that I got one this early. As of now, still 0/8 but my gear is now t10/t5/t9/t3 hp ring. Hope I can keep the ball rolling. for the next few days, or even weeks, heck maybe even a month. I’ll check in again in a few hours with some (hopefully good) results from today.


Day 3: I did a little off screen grinding
superior / tablet / anointed / omni


Goodluck with the PPE man!


Day 3: not too much happened. Got some pots, but I didn’t do much on it. I was doing o3s on other characters since the shield rune event is up. If you cant tell I’m doing something akin to a daily journal style. See y’all tomorrow (if I’m not dead)


Day 4: surprisly not dead yet. This is more of a success then I thought. I probably won’t catalogue the stuff I do this weekend unless its important or really cool. For anyone who might want to know, I will probably just farm ddocks, wlabs, and cdepths. I will let y’all know when and if I get the 3 agent of oryx pieces for wizard. As far as I know the robe is the only good one but either way I’ll check in with y’all in a couple of days. Have fun at the shield rune event and the epic dungeons being popped!


Day 5: Well, I died. O3 discord crashed my realm and I thought I might as well do it. I got clapped by gemsbok. Rest in peace to my wizard. In the end he was doing fine. Don’t o3 and ppe until you are 8/8. Imma start a ninja ppe. If it goes far I might start up another thread. Good luck to any ppes out there and I hope you make it farther then I did!