The Keyper's Challenge [Sep 12th to Sep 17th]


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Waw im disapoint in u forum activity >:C i saw this in class 6 hrs ago and nobody post!



At least there are strictly greater than two towers every Keyper :grimacing:


I’ve moved this into #community-hub:official-events - though it might be better suited in #news:developers-corner if they go on to make an entire new post when the event launches with details of the drops/etc. If that does turn out to happen we can shuffle the topics around then.


They added a second update.


Random event, huh.


In case anyones wondering, it’s based off the cube god memage that’s been spamming Reddit for the past few days.


Do any of you know the stats for the crystal key accessory?



Third update.

Halls event hypeee!

Also apparently Keyper got tweaked a bit:



Seriously, is no one else going to say anything about the Crystal Fragments being bugged?



Apparently this was announced in-game, the fragments are rendering for me?


Still not rendering for me.

Edit: Silly me; I need to update the flash projector client.





The menu graphic for this one:

Not really interested in the dungeons, have just been farming the Keyper itself, trying to get that key-sword-cutlass whatever it is.


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