The Nameless Monarch


I made an alternate version of the King Azamoth fight!

Is this real/a new update/currently in the game?
This is a fan-made fight made on the UGC testing server and will likely not be added into the game. It seeks to be an alternate adaptation of the King Azamoth fight, depicting him at the height of his madness and strength.

Can I play it?
Unfortunately the UGC testing server is not open to the public.

What were your goals when re-designing the fight?
Having witnessed the development of reworked Shatters in closed testing, I was privileged to see older iterations of the bosses. Previously, Accursed King would continue changing stances like he would in his pre-accursed phases and his chases were also a lot more aggressive, so I remade the phases with these ideas in mind.

One of the reasons the original Accursed King can be seen as easier than his pre-accursed phase is due to a major reduction in bullet emitters. Where pre-accursed King has a large array of crystals he can use to attack with, his accursed counterpart reduces to only 4 shades. As such, increasing this to 6 shades in this version allowed for much more complex and difficult patterns to be created.

Why do some of the phases look so different from their original counterparts?
Due to the nature of giving King stance changes, he can no longer be the main source of the bullet patterns as he is in some of the original phases.

I also challenged myself to build patterns entirely using pre-existing projectiles, meaning that everything you see in the fight already exists in the base game. However as a result, I cannot perfectly replicate the bullet patterns of the original as this would involve adding new projectiles to the shades.

How did you not get hit throughout the fight?
The patterns were not designed to be fair or balanced, as such the recording of the fight was done whilst being invincible with the audience’s viewing experience in mind.

The high damaging bullets paired with its density is often times instantly lethal if a wrong move is made and as such getting legitimate footage is almost impossible. In this variant of the fight, King automatically cycles through all of his phases once before ending on his patience phase. Although not shown very clearly, patience lasts until King’s health drops to 0, and his health carries over from all of the other phases meaning the player must balance dealing enough damage to the boss to make surviving patience feasible whilst avoiding inevitable death from directly confronting King.


now this one will drop guaranteed chrysalis.


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