The TNSN ppe thread


i gotta start one of these now that septavius the fucklord killed my paladin so i guess ima start totally the best paladin ppe in the history of the universe

yes im using an xp booster deal with it

The White Bag Thread v2

A bunch of low level filler stuff. Yay!


imagine dying to septavius


udl is hardest dungeon in game
(seriously though, for such a noob dungeon septavius ep phase needs a damage nerf since BS like this can happen)


more random shit since i need to add more stuff into this thread since why not


literally all you need to do to not die to that phase is not sit on him


i wasn’t sitting on him though.
The only way i could’ve died is if he moved into me and fired at the very same time, and i had slight lag


First white on the PPE.
Missed screenshotting the zseal


Chat predicted it lol


get that ASS


ofc i get the one white i got before


8/8 PPE btw lel xD


alright for now this thread is gonna be not used since i’m saying screw the PPEness of the paladin (there are reasons) but when i inevitably die ill make another PPE


You’re ppe had quite a couple of jumps… Where it went from eh to suddenly considearbly better equips and better maxed.


yeah i can agree.
next time for sure will hopefully be better


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