The White Bag Thread v2


Everyone should peep the admin whites and unreleased ST set in the guild DecaGM or DecaGMs, I forgot which


Stacked a normal quest chest and an epic and opened them both, as one is wont to do.
O U O :hibiscus:


I JUST GOT MY FIRST OGMUR YEEET 3 event whites down :smiley: , forgot to take pic tho.
So here’s the link


The luck is real


Please… dont use till better gear


Nah i used my jugg on a 0/8 with bad gear and i died in a sews :smiley:


I’m assuming that is a 6/8


hows ur 0/8 ogmur?




At least you didn’t feed it like my stupid red star ass did lmao


No. It’s 1/8 but I’ve drank a lot of pots and decided to play on it anyways.


An unexpected Candyland with unexpected loot.
I left quite shortly after this, since I still want those last couple Golden Eggs.
I think I’ll actually try and use this on my Samurai from time to time, as opposed to feeding it.


At first I thought on was a fake white bag and I happened to get one at the same time. But once everyone cleared, and one did not disappear, I realized I got a “double white bag!”




Yay. Just need 2 mor colos and breastplates for warr and pali.


I wish I was this lucky with other events


I can finally enjoy warrior


Why would having bee helm increase your enjoyment of warrior?


cause bees are fun


First actual loot from any nest event.