The White Bag Thread v2


The old one got closed because it apparently hit the 10,000 reply limit, so this is what it’s come to.

“Post pictures of white bag stuff that makes you happy!” - Doc

[Continued from version 1, here: The White Bag Thread]

The White Bag Thread
Best loot I've gotten in 3 minutes
The General Chat Thread
The White Bag Thread
Post a pic of ur whites, it will sure make me salty
Cursed Forever ( feel free to post whites below )
St shards






(casually goes into a davy in the realm)
not complaining though :*



This makes me sad ):


editing out of 10



Most Liked Replys

Silencing shots and low mp heal. Also this is the first attempt I had made on the character, not al attempts were priests.
Additionally some of those unsuccessful runs were not a result of me nexusing, it was declared a failed run by the leaders


wow look epicnecros gonna flex with this like count in 2 years


i’m going to have to turn off notifications for this thread lmao



:o thanks doc


Following traditions



That image is mandatory for all white bag threads.

Also mandatory “the image is obviously fake couse you can see the tentacles still alive lol”


well looks like @glawi finally came lol, feels just like the old one now c:


Insert here screenshot of a ghostly prism
And down below a mystery pet skin which contained the marid pet skin

My pc shut-down before I saved them :c


Fun fact: glawi had about 5% of all posts on the old wb thread.
I had 4.32%



got it today, my first event white


But you can see cubes, what if it’s a Cdirk?